Help Needed - writing an about page!

Hello all STD fans!

I got approved for running a fanlisting for Saves the Day at a few months ago. I opened the fanlisting up here (please feel free to join or visit and comment!) but have yet to write up the "about" page. The problem is that I don't really know what to include there, so opinions are welcomed. You'd really really help me a lot there, as I don't even live in the States and don't receive much coverage(which sucks).

Thank you!

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Warped Tour Interviews

So I'm going to be interviewing Saves the Day at warped tour tommorrow! I am totally nervous and in need of questions, so give me questions you would like me to ask them, and I will give you their answers after the show!

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Saw Saves the Day at warped tour in the 'burgh yesterday...awesome awesome awesome!!!

I'm so glad i showed up early this year. Last year Reggie and the Full Effect went on the main stage at 11:30, and i was stuck in line buying tickets and missed them. This year STD went on the first slot of the main stage. And i got there early enough to be 5-6 people back. Good mix of old and new, and it was good to see them having fun.


Attention people who live near:
Northfield, Minnesota - St. Olaf, Carleton, and NHS
Harrisonburg, Virginia
Richmond, Virginia
Virginia Beach, Virginia
Rochester, New York - Rochester Institute of Technology
Winona, Minnesota
Plano, Texas
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Moorhead, Minnesota

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Last Chance for Warped Tour Presale in the Following Cities!

Just a reminder
This Friday (04/07) is the last day for presale in the following cities:

Jacksonville, FL
Tampa, FL
Miami, FL
Orlando, FL
Pomona, CA
Fresno, CA
Ventura, CA
Los Angeles, CA
Calgary, ALB
Fitchburg, MA

Presale for the following cities ends this THURSDAY (04/06)!:
San Diego, CA
Seattle, WA

Don't miss your chance to see Saves the Day and tons of other amazing bands for a discounted price, only $20.24!!

Click the link to go the the Warped tour presale page, when prompted, login with the password: Warped06

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Hi! I hope this is all right. I have a Saves the Day shirt and Can't Slow Down for sale here. The shirt's never been worn, it was too small for me and I'm finally getting around to selling it. And well...I honestly don't like that album very much, so it's only been played a few times in the years I've had it.

If you're interested, leave me a comment at my journal please. Thanks :)